Fenix Hp25 Headlamp Review

This headlamp features Cree XP-E R4 LEDs, a maximum output of 360 lumens, and a maximum beam distance of 167 yards.

It also has an IPX 6 water resistance rating and can survive up to one-meter underwater submersion.

Read on for the complete Fenix hp25 headlamp review.

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    Dimensions: lamp 3 x2.2 x1.25/(battery case)3.5 *2.9*1.
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    Weight without batteries: 4.3 ounces
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    Weight with batteries: 9.8 ounces
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    Battery Rating: 2 AA batteries
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    Maximum Lumens: 360 lumens

Our Rating

What We Like

Water Proofing

This headlamp is water proof and was tested at IP X6.  When I subjected the product to a test of one-meter underwater submersion and a meter-drop on hard ground, it still remained resilient.

This means that you do not need to worry about sudden instances such as rain or accidental drop since it does not get damaged when wet or when it falls.

Dual Emitter System

Fenix Hp25 headlamp has a dual emitter system. Basically, it uses two kinds of systems: one flood system and one spot system.

These emitters are both controlled autonomously so you can decide whether to use the flood system, the spot system, or the combination of the two.

You can use the flood system only while indoors as it lights up a room evenly. You can even use it when reading a book.

On the other hand, it is ideal to use the spot system for your outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, or hunting. 


It has a wide stretchy band that is extremely comfortable on the head.

Compared to other brands, Finex Hp25 headlamp is unlikely to strain your head or cause you a headache even after long term use.

In addition, you do not have to tighten the band so that the light can stay in place as there are adjustable angle features.

This means you can mount the light to the most comfortable place on the forehead and then adjust the angle as you see fit.

In addition, there is a battery pack on the back which ensures the light is balanced on your head.

High Output 

Fenix Hp25 headlamp has a high light output of maximum 360 lumens. The maximum run time is 4 hours with maximum beam distance at 153 meters.

There is an excellent regulation on each mode that ensures consistent lightning levels as the battery power reduces.

You will find that it has an intelligent memory circuit that enters the last used level of brightness automatically when the headlamp is turned on.


This headlamp is built to last. It has been proven to stand the test of time as it comes with 3-year warranty.

In case of damages incurring due to any reason, what you have to do is to contact the manufacturer to have it repaired or exchanged.

This incredible warranty makes it extra promising.

Reasonable Price

Fenix Hp25 is relatively affordable, going at a range of 60-80 US dollars, which is a very reasonable price range.

This is an amazing offer when you consider the benefits and the quality of the product.

Compared to other headlamps, this headlamp has a quality and a price that comes together.

Battery Life and Options

The good news is that you can use AA batteries on this headlamp.

AA batteries can be found just about anywhere, meaning you don’t have to struggle too much when finding batteries every single time you run out of power.

In addition, AA batteries are cheap. Thus, you can save a lot from this choice.

They are also irreplaceable. You can replace your old batteries with new ones easily without any hassle.

To simply put it, you will have no headache in case your batteries run low.

To top it all, there is an alert when the battery reduces, helping you get ready and giving you enough time to find replacement batteries just before your current ones run out of energy.

Furthermore, it is always advisable to carry extra batteries all the time just to be prepared in case of an emergency.

AA batteries may be easily available in local stores, but most local stores may not be open at night.

Durable and Easy to Use

Fenix hp25 headlamp is built to be durable with strong plastics and aluminium chassis where the Cree bulbs are housed.

The wires used in this headlamp are heavy duty, which means they do not break easily.

This headlamp has manual controls for light which are extremely easy to control. On top of all that are buttons which are easy to find.

To keep the battery compartments dry, they have to be sealed with rubber gaskets.

What We Don’t Like

  • This headlamp weighs 184 grams. Basically, this weight is heavier than the standard weight. Plus, the headlamp is large in size. It is larger compared to single battery headlamps.
  • Depending on the type of activity, it can get too warm, which can be rather uncomfortable.
  • You may find their short battery life of 90 minutes when both beams are on maximum settings inconvenient. As noted above, you need to carry some extra batteries if you have to use the headlamp for more than one hour and a half.  

When to Use 

Headlamps can be used during outdoor activities at night or in dark conditions.

Such activities include camping, skiing, hiking, caving, orienteering, backpacking, mount biking, adventure racing, or mountaineering.

They can also be used by professionals such as miners, surgeons, and search and rescue teams.


I would recommend Fenix hp25 as an excellent choice to anyone interested in a headlamp.

Other than a few manageable cons such as its low battery life and extra weight and size, it has more advantages.

Indeed, it is true to say that the benefits outweigh the challenges of this model of a headlamp.

Any other Fenix Hp25 headlamp review will certainly give the same conclusion.

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