Black Diamond Spot Review

Black Diamond, the brand that has consistently delivered excellence in their line of headlamps, released their latest Black Diamond Spot model.

See why it is one of the best-selling headlamps in the market and determine if the product is the best for you. Read our comprehensive Black Diamond Spot Review.

  • plus
    Lumens: 300
  • plus
    Weight with Batteries: 88 g (3.1 oz)
  • plus
    IPX Rating: X8
  • plus
    Batteries: 3 AAA (included)
  • plus
    LED Type: 1 Quad Power, 1 Double Power, 1 Single Power

Our Rating

What We Like

Unbeatable Price

While there are a lot of cheaper options available in the market, the Black Diamond Spot offers the cheapest price with the best performance.

It even outperforms other pricier headlamps that are supposed to be better. We guarantee that this is a purchase you’ll never regret.

Bright White Light

The latest 2017 Spot model can now project 300 Lumens, and with its touch-sensitive button, you can easily alternate between its full brightness to its dimmed light to better spot objects depending on their proximity.

You will not only enjoy using it on the trail. It is also going to be great for close range activities.

Red Light Function

Red Light is an absolute must-have for any headlamp as your eyes’ rods are blind to red light.

It preserves your night vision, letting you see in the dark without blinding your partner or disturbing those that are sleeping. 

Black Diamond’s Red Light is even dimmable, giving you absolute control of your night-vision.

Strobe Light Function

Any headlamp should have a Strobe Light function. The simple blinking light is an important survival tool.

When you’re out in the wild and you get injured or lost, the strobe function helps as it is a universal distress signal.

The bright white light of Black Diamond ensures that you will be well-spotted when you need it.

Beam Distance

The Black Diamond Spot is able to illuminate as far ahead as 80 meters, this is a great function when walking on a steep and tricky terrain at night as you need to see far ahead for safety purposes.

Brightness Memory

This feature protects your eyes from getting hurt due to an exposure to sudden bright light.

It allows you to turn off the light in your chosen brightness and turn it back on without it reverting back to its full power.


The Spot has the highest IPX rating. It has a rating of IPX8, which means it can be immersed in water down to 1 meter for 30 minutes and still be fully functioning.

This feature undoubtedly comes in handy when you meet sudden rain showers when walking on the trail or when you need to take a quick dip when canyoneering or exploring a cave.


The Spot comes in four colors aluminum, black, dark-olive, and octane.

The straps are not just durable, but they are also stretchable and adjustable to fit snugly even in a child’s head.

It is very lightweight that you will hardly feel its presence.

And the best part of this product’s design is that it can be tilted so you can adjust where your light is focused.

Lock Function

Black Diamond thought of everything and nailed it with this function. By holding down the power button for 4 seconds, you can lock your Spot.

This makes sure that your headlamp will not light up if you accidentally press the power button while it is inside your bag, ensuring that you don’t waste your battery life. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The one-touch button for dimming the white and red light and transitioning between white, red, and strobe light can be confusing to a first-time user. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it’s easy.
  • This product does get hot with continued use and it has no padding other than its strap. That is why you cannot wear it against your bare skin for it will surely hurt in the long run.
  • The shipping fee is enormous.
  • The battery compartment is not at all water-proof. Although the product will function underwater, the battery compartment will get flooded. However, as we observed, this does not affect the performance of the headlamp. However, it is a hassle to have to dry the battery compartment.
  • Furthermore, the battery life is noticeably lesser than the 2016 version. It may have to do with the added lumens. However, this can be easily remedied by bringing an extra set of batteries with you.

Are the cons a deal-breaker? 

To us, the pros outweigh the cons. We have come to find that after getting the patterns of how to control the light settings, getting to your desired settings will soon be intuitive.

Yes, it will not be comfortable to use for long periods against the bare skin.

However, that is easily remedied with a helmet or a ball cap.

The product might be a little pricey especially with the added shipping fee, but a reliable headlamp is a necessary survival tool when you are in the wilderness, so why compromise your safety with cheaper products?

The battery life is lesser than the previous version.

However, you will not need to use the maximum power all the time, so you can choose to save power. If you have to, you can always carry spare batteries.

Is this suitable for underwater activities?

If your activities are mostly underwater, then this is not the headlamp for you. There are special kinds of headlamps that are best suited for those kinds of activities.

Control Tips 

While you will need to master the power touch button all on your own, here are how the power button on top functions:

When you push on it once, it turns on and releases its maximum light.

When you hold the button down for two seconds, it gives you the red light function.

To turn that function off, you only need to hold the button down again for two seconds.

To access the strobe light function, you need to do three rapid clicks to the power button.

At the same time, turn it off again.

To lock your head lamp, you only push down the power button for four seconds.

Once the lock icon lights up, unlock it and then push it down for another four seconds.

The memory brightness is automatic, when you have dimmed your red or white light to your preference, it will automatically go to the setting when you turn it on.

Just remember to familiarize yourself with each of its functions before you use it.

Is this the best headlamp for me?

The only person who can answer that is you. You need to consider your budget.

If you can afford pricier headlamps from the Black Diamond brand, the best headlamp would be the Black Diamond Icon.

Consider all the features that you would need in a headlamp. If the Black Diamond Spot covers them all, then this is the best headlamp for you.


All of the Black Diamond Spot Review online agree on one thing, the Spot has the best headlamp features for its price.

Although the Spot is not the brightest headlamp in the market, its light settings apply to so many different activities.

Whether you are going out on an adventure in the great outdoors or just want a reliable headlamp for home use, the Black Diamond Spot is perfect for you.

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