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When you’re working with your hands, you can’t afford to lose one because you have to hold a lamp to see what you’re doing. We can help you find a bright, comfortable headlamp that lets you work with both hands and see what you’re doing with crystal clarity.

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Having the right gear makes it easier for folks to explore the outdoors without any inconveniences especially when you're traveling at night time. Wearing a headlamp allows travel enthusiasts to discover their surroundings without...

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Investing in the right gear is a must when it comes to camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. A headlamp is a hands-free tool that eliminates the use of a heavy flashlight or lantern, which enables users to find their way...

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Black Diamond Sprinter Review

LED headlamps perform remarkably than conventional headlamps. Thanks to top quality LED bulbs that they use, users get more powerful light than traditional incandescent bulbs. Moreover, they also consume less power and deliver better battery performance for giving you a long-lasting...

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Bushnell H250L Rubicon Headlamp Review

LED's are getting popular lighting products by the day. Manufacturers continue to use them for creating an impressive line of products to help people coming from all areas of life. These lights are energy efficient and give an incredible performance than other cheap or conventional bulbs that...

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InnoGear Headlamp Review

What are the features you look for when selecting a headlamp? Of course, you would want the headlamp to be lightweight so that you can wear it around your head without excessive strain or fatigue. Plus, it should offer sufficient illumination so you can get enough light to continue with your...

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Petzl Headlamp In-depth Review

Are you heading out on an adventure where you will need to carry light sources? For instance, if you are going caving, you will need to carry flashlights and torches with you. Some inaccessible places don’t have sufficient power to provide lighting, and therefore, you have to plan accordingly...

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